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Thursday, February 15, 2007

How much of a life you remind me..

I have a terrible need to write you. A letter, a poem.. exactly as I used to.. I don't know what's stopping me of getting there.. I don't even know if I have written a poem about you. I must have been unconcious. I don't have any news to write tho and if I start writting to you I fear it ll all end up in a dissaster.
Mary came to stay perminately in Greece cause Alex wanted to meditate for two years (at least). Things changed for good. Alex left his meditation plan after three days and came to Athens to get her. There are getting back, deciding where they getting there place, how many cats ll they get etc.. exactly like we were doing back then.
I remembered today.. all the fucking sidewalks we did. All the amazing nights we were out and the days too. The days when we shopped our green tea from the flea market of Chinatown, our Notting Hill walks most of the Saturday mornings, our tiny Chinese place over Greenwich that made us fatter, your house, our flat. I remember a lot. Even the night we spent at the loo of Belluci's.
Minutes later, you texted you got to Deptford. You had the same things in mind. How far we are now, but how close as well..
I got nothing to say on the phone now. My voice is getting wicked. How much of a life you remind me.. I wish you knew..

Michael I ll always think about you as my soulmate -its sounds so cheesy tho-
I don't think I ll never find another mind, another soul, another body like yours..
You had it all.. yours..


Anonymous said...

einai auto to kati pou leipei apo tis kuriakes mas....o mike....kai ton skeftomoun proxtes....mou eleipsan oi treles sas!!

Marilou said...

ax vre dinaki.. odws oi pio trelles moy meres itan tote.. londino. odws kati leipei aptis kiriakes k twra fainontai toso melagxolikes gmt, toso poli poy tis fovamai..
polla zesta kiriakatika filia

Anonymous said...

I took a walk through depford recently and soon realised that some places on this earth refuse to move forwards. Its as though in some places time freezes. That is the exerience i felt walking on the train platform, Depford station... In my mind and heart i felt a conflict. One was wrestling the other. My mind knew that a year had passed since the time we were at that platform together but my heart was convinced that a year hadnt passed at all, and at any moment you were to appear at the top of the staircase and we were gonna catch the train together. I kept looking, and looking, nothing... Its strange that something as small as missing you by seconds on an ordinary day some years ago can present itself like a bolt of lightning, and knock you off balance. Its sadder still that the most important moments in your life, and the most significant in your relationship are the ones that never reveal themselves to you until much later in life. I couldnt remember a single valentines day or christmas or birthday that we spend together as much as i can remember maybe a lazy saturday afternoon, or an ordinary evening where we were talking about one thing or another. Maybe now that is why I shy away from big events because they are artificial, they are just not as authentic as the simple things, the everyday things... And today, i have friends who say to me that i should date all these different girls etc etc, and i refuse politely, stating that i am fine, or that i am not in the mood. It is not even that i want to turn the clock back at all. But rather what i feel is a quiet satisfaction. I know what love is, and i definetly know what isnt... It's wierd, who knows, we could try and be together in the future and it could be a total disaster, but to me that doesnt matter, some things just feel right, so why question what does?